2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX!!!! Dealer show LIVE BLOG!

10:26AM est (Monday)

We’ve got some more information on the timing for all these new models, as well as word of an all new utility machine from AC.

The RG Pro Wildcat will be available this summer, with the XX and 4XX following in the later summer / early fall.

The new utility will be available as a late 2018 model year along with the new MONSTER 200+ hp turbocharged Speedcat with 22″ of suspension travel.

Keep an eye on THIS POST for the latest on that particular machine!

8:05PM est

If I was a betting man, I’d say its similar to Gen 1 Wildcat suspension travel numbers. 17-18″

Huge shout out to our friends at Harrison Powersports for the up close photo!

7:58PM est

SPEEDCAT 77! 220hp, 22″ travel!

7:50PM est


7:45PM est

So specs are slowly rolling out and we’re not surprised:


30″ tires stock (32″ capable)

64″ width

77″ width available with AC/RG accessories?!

7:28PM est

Wow. Those pics below are absolutely NOT what we were expecting in terms of styling for the new Wildcat XX! It is a HUGE step compared to the old model.

What we see are Kings, the the triple engine, and an alternator. Still waiting on official details!

7:20PM est




5:00PM est

Alright guys here it is! We’ve just been given an advanced photo of the 2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX leaked from tonight’s 2018 Dealer Show! What are your thoughts?


We see a lack of a passenger side clutch cover indicating we’re likely going to see a 998 Yami motor in this beast!

We also see the RG Pro arms, which were expected.

Full doors, sun roof, and a big ole bed!!




5 Comments on "2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat XX!!!! Dealer show LIVE BLOG!"

  1. concerns about the alternators location? water damage?

  2. Nick, the wildcat is now great again. Lol. You need one.

  3. Nick, the wildcat is now great again!!!! Lol.

  4. Thoughts, in no particular order. Yamaha engine, nice! Did someone come out with a factory roll bar that actually will work as a roll bar?? The A-arms are the opposite of high clearance arms, That seems like a bad decision. Outside pretty ugly, inside pretty ugly.

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