Big power for 2017 RZR XP Turbo?

Ok, full disclosure: We will have advanced knowledge of the 2017 model year release this weekend (around 7/23/2016). We CAN NOT and WILL NOT release anything about the 2017 model year machines until the embargo is released (we value our Polaris relationship!).

HAVING SAID THAT at this point in time we don’t know a single thing about what Polaris has in store for us. Everyone has read the forum rumors, seen the market trends, and expects nothing but a class-leader for the 2017 RZR lineup. 

Here is what we are predicting for the 2017 Polaris RZR:

-2017 N/A XP1000 horsepower will remain the same. We’ve seen some pictures of the 2017 model and expect nothing more than new colors, graphics, and wheels for the already stellar n/a machine. So if you’re happy with the n/a unit, buying a leftover 2016 will likely be your best bang for the buck! The rest of the changes on the 2017 are already well documented, but if you’re interested this video goes over most of the big things:

 -The 2017 RZR XP Turbo will turn up the power from 144hp to 165hp. Why 165hp? Don’t ask us. The engine will still be the 925cc Prostar just with some more aggressive tuning and more boost!

-The 2017 RZR XP Turbo will also be available in different trim levels with special editions much like the previous XP1000 models. Expect some equipped with harnesses, cage additions, light bars, beadlocks, seats, etc. The 2017 XP Turbo will still have the RZR look but with slight improvements.

-The 2017 RZR XP Turbo will also have some of the cooling issues addressed. Much like the minor changes in the 2017 XP1000, the 2017 XP Turbo will make reliability improvements from what they’ve learned on the 2016 XP Turbo models. Nothing huge, but this is expected and needed.

-Lastly, the 2017 XP Turbo will have slightly revamped suspension but it will still receive the Fox IBP shocks from the 2016 model. It seems that Polaris may have addressed the front end body roll issue on the 2017 XP1000 by removing the overly light and overly long tender spring on the front coilovers and we fully expect to have some stability improvements with the new 2017 XP Turbo.

That’s what we’re expecting from the 2017 RZR model release. We can’t begin to imagine what they have in-store for the other models! But we do know many people are BEGGING for a 4 seat General. What do ya say Polaris?

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5 Comments on "Big power for 2017 RZR XP Turbo?"

  1. Keep up the good work boys! This is always our first stop for UTV news and speculation!

  2. How about a XPT with General interior!

  3. love your simple site and always seem to have your info spot on

  4. When can we expect the release of the Turbos? I have waited 2 months & can’t wait much longer to not be riding with my friends & turbo is the only thing in a Polaris that I want. May have to start looking at can ams or Yamahas

  5. So if the motor and Ecu are the same can the 2016 turbo be reprogrammed to 165 hp ?

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