2017 Polaris FULL LINE UP!


Polaris has finally answered the prayers from everyone and decided to release a 4 seat General!

This 4 seater is a take on the 2 seater with added comfort for up to 4 people, along with the creature comforts we all know and love from the 2 seat model. Full doors, comfy cabin, and what is most likely the best mixture of sport and trail that’s currently available in the side by side market and now you can haul your kids around for a mere $20,999.

What’s your excuse for not buying a SXS again?

Next up is something pretty darn interesting. 2 new XP1000 “Limited Edition” models that come with some seriously cool features.

The first LE model a XP1000 fitted with beadlocks, Pro Armor Crawler 30″ tires, and what Polaris is calling a “Xtreme performance” driveline with beefed up halfshafts, lower transmission gearing, and increased belt cooling.


This thing looks BADASS! We love the integrated rock sliders and beadlocks. Count us in! This badboy can be had for MSRP $23,999.

The next LE model is a XP1K fitted with Polaris’s “Ride Command.” What’s that you say? Let’s let Polaris explain it:

“Off-road riding is a social experience. Polaris’ research shows a majority of off-road enthusiasts ride with a passenger or in a group. But, the off-road riding experience has barriers. Being strapped into a vehicle with a helmet makes it difficult to communicate with passengers; having multiple gadgets such as a GoPro, GPS and a smart phone is cumbersome; and capturing ride memories to share is challenging — often requiring multiple steps, including getting out of the vehicle, remembering to turn the GoPro on or taking gloves off to use touch interfaces.

What if there was a solution to connect the disconnect? Leading the way in innovation, RIDE COMMAND is a unique solution solving the most common experiential problems with off-road riding. The RIDE COMMAND system includes the RIDE COMMAND™ app and an intuitive, glove-touch, weather-resistant RIDE COMMAND™ 7” (17.8-cm.) Display.

Using the RIDE COMMAND app, riders can map rides in advance and transfer waypoints from their phones to the display via Bluetooth®. The RIDE COMMAND 7” Display—in tandem with the RIDE COMMAND app — allows the operator to track where their group is without needing to physically see them or hanging in their dust trail. The operator can not only watch their group but also see friends close by. The technology, a first of its kind in off-road, is yet another way for the off-road community to stay in contact with one another, and track and share their ride stats directly to their social feed.

Along with planning and sharing rides or finding friends, RIDE COMMAND also provides seamless device control in one spot. Receive text and call notifications right on the screen for easier viewing. Never miss another epic moment with the ability to control a GoPro right from the display. Jam to favorite tunes either through Bluetooth or AM/FM radio right from the RIDE COMMAND 7” Display. Communicate and hear the thrill of passengers with an accessory Sena headset that is connected seamlessly via Bluetooth. Loading, unloading and traversing obstacles is easier as the display integrates standard front and rear-wired cameras giving the driver more visibility to those hard-to-see spots. RIDE COMMAND not only makes off-roading more enjoyable but easier to share the RZR lifestyle with friends and family.”

Wow! Talk about some next level technology. Does this really have a spot for the most hardcore offroader? Maybe not, but it would definitely be useful in the many group rides I’ve been on!!

Here’s a pic of it in use:


Polaris has not released information on the XP Turbo models. We assume this will be coming down the pipeline later on. Until then, check out our XP Turbo speculation article here: https://sxsblog.com/index.php/2016/07/20/2017-polaris-rzr-big-power/

Want more info? Here’s the full Polaris release:

Polaris Introduces More Innovation with 2017 Off-Road Products

Polaris, the worldwide leader in off-road vehicles, is announcing 11 new models, several product enhancements, and a new, ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize the off-road riding experience. The 2017 news stems from Polaris’ relentless pursuit of innovation, and its commitment to building the very best off-road solutions for its riders.

  • The new, groundbreaking technology RIDE COMMAND™ is a unique solution that solves the most common experiential problems of off-road riding by connecting the disconnect. With the RIDE COMMAND™ app and an intuitive, weather-resistant RIDE COMMAND™ 7-in. (17.8-cm.) display, the system connects people to their machines and people-to-people for a more social off-road experience. RIDE COMMAND is available on the RZRXP 1000 EPS Velocity Blue Limited Edition.
  • RANGER® introduces the all-new flagship, the RANGER XP 1000, with the most-powerful engine ever in utility side-by-side and exclusive Three-Mode Throttle Control. For carrying more passengers, Polaris also is introducing the new RANGER CREW XP 1000. In addition, there are new models across every price point and consumer application.
  • Polaris GENERAL™ answers the demands of consumers by introducing a new four-seat model and new features on its existing, two-seat model.
  • Sportsman® redesigns and re-launches its high-powered flagship models, with 91 horsepower and an all-new body for unmatched sport-utility ATV experience. Also being introduced are ATVs for new applications and more value into the lineup.
  • Polaris ACE™ delivers everything customers have asked for by introducing a more-powerful and affordable entry-level model, adding performance and ride quality on a trail-capable vehicle, and introducing a big-power and suspension option to the lineup.
  • Polaris Engineered Accessories™ further enhances its already expansive accessory offering for more customization options across the brands.


So that’s it folks! A 4 seat General that everyone has been begging for. 2 LE XP1K models that address customer needs, and some driveline upgrades that were needed desperately.

We didn’t get the Turbo news just yet. So stay tuned for that!

Until then, stay tuned to our Facebook page and check out our YouTube Channel to watch us ride and break our shit.

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  1. What about the maverick x3??

  2. George Gillman | July 26, 2016 at 9:29 am | Reply

    I’ve always bought Polaris, but I’ve most likely bought my last,love the style,and performance, but the costs of your ATVS have gotten way to expensive for me and most of my friends, warrantys suck too,6 months isn’t Shit,when other manufacturers have several years,without buying added warranty, thanks will keep my 2013 Ranger 6×6

  3. When will we get to purchase a turbo

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