2017 Can-Am news!

We’ve seen this one before:

“BOLD NEW COLORS” featuring coloration from the 2014 Arctic Cat Wildcat lineup….

Someone sound the Price is Right horn of disappointment.


There’s no doubt all black is still badass. But it’s honestly a day late and a dollar short. Improving dated ergonomics would be smarter, in our opinion…

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  1. You ppl a total fags if this was a popo you would be running one off in your moms ass can am are like trump in your face and for the ppl popo are like a Clinton over rated and broken

  2. Will the 2017 can am outlander xmr have the air ride system again?

  3. Douche bags r us | July 21, 2016 at 1:10 pm | Reply

    It’s obvious popo must have you guys on the payroll. As I read all of the articles, it’s more than obvious that you’re biased towards popo. Every popo article is full of dick riding, and deep throating of popo cock. Then you have the can am articles, or the lack thereof intelligent unbiased writing. And no, I don’t own a canam so I’m not butt hurt and defending a brand I own. I’m in the market for a sxs and have been scouring the net reading helpful reviews, and feedback to help in my upcoming purchase.

    • Douche Bag (you picked the name), if you take the time to review all of our articles, you’ll see that Polaris is actually our least represented brand. That’s partly due to the fact that none of us that run this site own one. We’re just calling it as we see it, and we were disappointed in the lack of updates from Can-Am for 2017.

  4. Doug you are spot on, I think D-bag is a little butt hurt his new can-ams only update is a color lol

  5. Douche bags r us | July 25, 2016 at 3:58 pm | Reply

    I’m going to assume you didn’t read my post to its entirety. As stated in my first post, I don’t own a sxs at all. Merely searching the net for any and all helpful reviews to determine which sxs will be my best option. And HEAVY on the “helpful reviews” part.

  6. And what about the new Maverick X3?

    • When this article was written (June 1st) Can Am had not yet said a word about the X3. As far as we know the only place to even mention it at all was one out of the country BRP dealer’s Facebook page. We’re working on gathering more info and doing an article soon!

  7. How about the Maverick X3 that is coming out in August?

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