2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!

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Update 11:00 8/31/15



What do we see here?

Fox shocks, full doors, beadlocks, Big Horns, oh my! This thing looks like a god damn Transformer! Those shocks coming through the hood is WILD! Also we see a nice center stack with what appears to be a big display! AWESOME!

Update 10:20pm 8/31/15

Less than 14 hours out from its official unveiling and we already have new leaks on the upcoming Yamaha YXZ! A picture of the YXZ’s rear suspension was posted on Facebook but deleted QUICKLY. Luckily, we got a screen shot!

trailingarmsWhat is that?

Well, it appears to be a hybrid upper a-arm lower trailing arm setup. It’s different, but not crazy. We also see what appears to be a sway bar link and some part of the engine AND some beadlock rims! We’re getting giddy now!

6 Comments on "2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!"

  1. Brad Pollington | September 1, 2015 at 1:40 am | Reply

    Price tag?????

  2. Someone please tell me they will be unveiling this in a 4 seat version as well…

  3. Mark Bommerscheim | September 1, 2015 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    It’s about time the best never rest! I’m one of Yamsha’s number one fan. It took us long enough

  4. Let start out by saying that I’m 60 years old and have purchased several utvs over the past decade or so. I live in Auburn Ca. When I heard of the new YXZ coming out I decided it would be my next purchase. While waiting for the units to arrive at the dealerships I researched my options for an after market turbo. After reading many different forums and blogs I thought my best choice would be Mountain Performance Inc. due their experience with the 3 cylinder engine and their experience with turbos in general. I ‘m not good with working on such things and needed a product that was truly (turn key) and they indicated it was.A local dealership gave me a call and indicated they just got their first YXZ in. I went to take a look and made the purchase. At this time the Turbos weren’t available for distribution yet though my name was on the list. I had chosen a local service and repair facility in Auburn to do the install (A & J Vehicle care). Then spoke to the owner Brian and he indicated he would call MPI and speak with Tech. Support before he would agree to the install. I choose Brian for the job due to his attention to detail and top quality work he had done for me in the past. A week later he called me back and indicated he had spoke to Josh at tech support on 2 different occasions and was very impressed. Not only was he able to speak to a real person they incredibly knowledgeable of turbs and yamahas. Josh had all the answers for what questions he had. He agreed to the install and agreed with me on the choice I made on MPI. They called me on Nov. 2nd and was told my unit was shipped. I got the turbo on Nov. 5th. I opened the box just to check it out and boy was I shocked. The most professional packing job that I have ever experienced. Picture perfect and my first thought was if the instructions and install go so professional we have a winner! I took the YXZ and Turbo to Brian on Thur. after so he could fit me in on Friday due to the fact he had other jobs in. He called me on Saturday to come pick it up. He went on and on at what a complete package MPI had and how easy the instructions where to work with. Two thumbs up from him. The install looked like it was factory. We were able to test drive yesterday Nov. 7th and all I can say is “Bad Ass”. Everything I had hoped for. This is my first time to post such a posting for anyone or any company and I truly believe that MPI is a top notch company as well as manufacturing a top notch product. Good Value, Good Product, and Good People working there. A very,very professional company. A company I truly feel will be there for me if needed. So far as Yamaha goes I’m still waiting for accessories to become available. I have installed a Mirror, Whips, Temp gauge, but would like a half windshield and the rear storage box. I will be going to Dumont Dunes over Thanksgiving for 9 days and can hardly wait. Best to all, Glen.

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