2016 Arctic Cat dealers meeting 7:30pm EST… Wildcat reveal? LIVE BLOG! It’s SUPERCHARGED?!!?

UPDATE: 8:30pm 8/23/15

Well, apparently we have nothing but a promise and no actual information on the supercharger kit. It appears that there have been no substantial changes to the 2016 Wildcat models. Disappointing? Yes. But, at least they have Robby Gordon on their side for things to come.

So for now, it appears Arctic Cat may be a day late and a dollar short.

Their website has been updated with the new model information,

Check out Arctic Cat’s new Youtube video for their 2016 Wildcat Lineup!



UPDATE: 8:15pm 8/23/15

Looks like Robby Gordon dropped in for some fun in his Wildcat X branded super stadium truck!



UPDATE: 8:05pm 8/23/15


New color schemes for the Wildcat. No longer appears to be a base “70ish” hp Wildcat 1000.

UPDATE: 8:00pm 8/23/15

Currently it’s assumed that Arctic Cat may actually offer the Speedwerx supercharger kit shown below as a factory option.

UPDATE: 7:30pm 8/23/15

Cylinder and cylinder head changes may be coming too!  New parts are being displayed.  This could be more than just a standard bolt-on supercharger kit!


UPDATE: 7:15pm 8/23/15

SUPERCHARGER?!!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!??!!! 150hp!!!

Details coming soon……

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UPDATE: 6:50pm 8/23/15

We have MLS Powersports inside of the convention center getting ready for the action! Check them out at www.mlspowersports.com for ALL THINGS ARCTIC CAT!


6:00pm 8/23/15

Hey everyone! SXSBlog will be covering the 2016 Arctic Cat dealers meeting. New posts will be added to the top! So please stay tuned and refresh the page frequently for the latest information. The meeting is supposed to start at 7:30, so be ready!

So, the 2016 Arctic Cat Wildcat….

What do we already know?

-The Wildcat 1000 needs more power. “90 plus hp” is not going to cut it, and it would position them clear into 4th place in the sport sxs market. Power isn’t everything, but it’s no coincidence that the highest HP machine is also the best selling one.

-The chassis is solid, so we don’t expect MAJOR changes to it. There certainly could be improvements though, but nothing drastic is suspected.

-It’s unlikely that the machine will be available immediately. Rumors online state a early/mid 2016 release (more time with Robby Gordon?) and we believe this based upon the lack of actual information regarding the new release. Also, Arctic Cat has not registered the engine/vehicle package with C.A.R.B (California Air Research Board) yet, so it can’t be sold there yet (Yami already has their 1000cc triple registered).

-The picture below leaked onto a few online forums a few days ago. It appears to be a screen shot from a video taken of a machine that’s distinctively Wildcat. Is this a prototype for the 2016 1000?


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