Wildcat XX vs The World! First Review!

FINALLY the unicorn has arrived.  The SXS world has been anticipating this rig for what feels like forever now.  It is touted as the ultimate redemption of a not-so-well executed good idea that was the first gen Wildcat.  But has Textron really delivered the well built, finely tuned next generation machine that we all hope it is?

We found out.

Our friends at Harrison Powersports hooked us up with a brand new XX and we put it up against every machine we have in the stable (and even one borrowed one).

Check out the first installment to see how that Robby Gordon suspension stacks up against the YXZ, XP1k, X3, & Turbo S.   The results are interesting.

2 Comments on "Wildcat XX vs The World! First Review!"

  1. Great to see this shootout per say… but to be fair most all off-road shootouts use same tires to take out that variable. Especially since it was raining and slippery.

    • Tires have an impact for sure, but this is what they come with from the factory and therefore how they perform from the factory in this situation.

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