Nick’s First Rip in the X3!

For years, I wasn’t sure this moment would come… Going on a trail ride without worrying about Nick’s machine spontaneously imploding. It may have taken a 37 hour sleepless road trip to make it happen,…

Video: Drummond Island, Michigan Ride!

Check out our weekend on Michigan’s Drummond Island.  We thought we’d be in for a nice casual scenic ride, but little did we know… there’s some rough stuff up there!  

Video: Moab Day 2! Hell’s Revenge!!!

Ride along on our second day in Moab as we hit Hell’s Revenge and Fins & Things! Will the YXZ clutch make it?  Will the Wildcat make it up Hell’s Gate?  Find out below!

Video: When in Moab…repair blown tires.

Of course you can’t take a convoy of SXSs cross-country to ride Moab with no spare tires and expect to come out unscathed. Watch the guys save a ride with a quick fix on Nick’s…

Video: SXSBlog does MOAB!

We’re way away from home now…  watch the crew hit up the Poison Spider Mesa and Kane’s Creek Canyon trails on our first day in Moab! Will the Wildcat make it?  Will the YXZ burn…

Glamis video is HERE!!!

Take a look at our first day out on the Glamis dunes.  You could say that there was a bit of a learning curve!